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Stay Salty: Lakefacing Stories

Great Salt Lake Stories

Stay Salty: Lakefacing Stories is a podcast and multimedia project about overlooked stories from people connected to, and impacted by, the receding Great Salt Lake. We center Indigenous, People of Color, queer, disabled and working-class voices that often go unheard. We aim to create space for collective memory, grief, love and possibility for Utah’s imperiled inland sea and all the human and more-than-human life that depend on the great waterbody. 

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Sharing Stories from the Great Salt Lake

Olivia Juarez &
Meisei Gonzalez


Join our hosts as they explore the many facets of the Great Salt Lake, from its unique geology and ecology to the diverse communities that call it home. Through in-depth interviews, personal stories, and expert analysis, we bring you the best of what the Great Salt Lake has to offer.

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