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Cynthia Lucero

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I wouldn't want to stay just because of the toxicity of the air and all that dust. But that's all dependent on me being able to relocate — if my work would allow me to relocate out of state or me finding other employment and affordable housing. So that’s all a big factor. I mean, nobody would want to live in that type of condition. But it's not easy just to pick up and move to another state. I think it would affect everybody the same way. It's the economy and jobs and being able to afford to relocate. Especially, like, my parents are retired, and they’re very established. Would they want to pick up and move? I would hope that they would for their health. But it's definitely something to think about. 

Cynthia Lucero grew up swimming at Great Salt Lake with family. She currently lives in West Valley City. Prior to that, she lived in Tooele for 19 years and has fond memories watching the iconic sunsets over Great Salt Lake on her commutes home from work.

Cynthia Lucero
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