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Frances Ngo

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I have been here long enough to build community, and not all the people that I love here have the resources to just suddenly be like, “Okay, the lake is dead, I'm going to leave.” And so I think part of it is that I also wouldn't leave them just because it's easy. I want to be here to make sure that I can continue building the community alongside people who are going to be here who care very much about people and the lake — or what comes after.

Frances Ngo a queer artist, biologist, and proud multiracial Mexican and Chinese poet who lives in the Poplar Grove neighborhood of Salt Lake City. She is the Manager of Conservation Outreach for the Tracy Aviary where she leads outings such as Let’s Go Birding Together with the local LGBTQ+ community. Ngo says it’s important for the queer community to be connected to nature in a celebratory way where they can be their full selves. Ngo also contributed to this storytelling project by creating the cover art for the Stay Salty: Lakefacing Stories podcast.

Frances Ngo
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