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Nat Slater

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I know from my experiences as a disabled person that there are things I recognize in the world now that might not be apparent to people who are abled. A lot of questions will come up for all of us as we decide whether staying or leaving is possible. I think for disabled communities, questions around access to medical support, access to social support — whether that's your family or your friends or your care network — and access to financial resources will be huge. Questions of community and medical care sometimes make it harder for disabled people to leave. So who is able to leave also is an important question when we talk about the Great Salt Lake. 

Nat Slater is an artist, filmmaker, and organizer that works at the intersections of disability justice and environmental justice. They created the Embodied Ecologies project, which brought together artists with disabilities to create work about the environmental health impacts of a drying Great Salt Lake.

Nat Slater
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