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A Salty People

Updated: Apr 25

Poem By Olivia Juarez

This is a verse contributed to the collective praise poem: irreplaceable. “irreplaceable is a chorus of praise swelling with love for our Great Salt Lake. By some reports,1700 square miles would be the size of the fully restored lake; the lake bed is approximately 2200 square miles. At over 2200 lines, the size of this poem is a prayer for Great Salt Lake's full restoration.”

You give us the most beautiful sunsets on Earth

Our future wholly depends on whether you are well

We can only thrive when you thrive

We are a salty people

Parched unless you fill

Hungry unless you feed

Jaded unless you bring back the birds

We depend on your magic

It beautifies, it inspires, it gives life

Thank you for your gifts, great salt lake

May our people behold your wonders.

Great Salt Lake at sunset mostly focusing on the water as it turns from blue to yellow with some of the lake's islands shilouted in the background

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